Altar of Antwerp 2022

A collaboration with MAS and the Embassy of Mexico in Belgium.

VERNISSAGE 30.10.2022

Festive opening (Performance & participatory action).

This year we are working with textiles. We are inspired by the “Quipu,” a pre-Hispanic communication technique. The quipus was the basic means of communication in the vast Inca empire, which had many languages and dialects. The quipu (a type of button writing) was a form of communication and memory, as well as a system and network of knowledge and identity. Is it possible to use ancestral tools to tell stories about our city today? Can a visual language help us overcome the barriers of written language?

To close, Isabella Arboleda will bring the Altar to life with her dance performance.

The activity is open to all ages. So feel free to come as a family to explore together!

A New Perspective on the Collection (Family Tour)

On 30.10, a magical portal will open in the Mas. A number of objects of the collection speak out their many meanings that were previously invisible and unreadable. Come (re)discover with your family the original cultures of Latin America! We will take a journey through their cultures, their past and new traditions. A tour of Dora and Paul Janssen-Arts’ collection for families from the Latin American perspective of artist Joana Rossi with a performance by Isabella Arboleda.


13 u:

Visitors are welcomed by Rogelio Granguillhome Morfin, Ambassador of Mexico to Belgium
The permanent exhibition “Art from Pre-Columbian America” on our 8th floor is free to visit all day. Participating in the Dia de los Muertos activities is also free of charge

Family tour: 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. and 3 – 4 p.m.