Altar of Antwerp 2021

A collaboration with MAS and the Embassy of Mexico in Belgium.

VERNISSAGE 31.10.2021

Festive opening (Performance & participatory action).

A performative guide through the collection of pre-Hispanic objects.

A tour of the collection of Dora and Paul Janssen-Arts from the perspective of a group of Belgian artists of Latin American descent, led by Gerardo Salinas.

Sunday, October 31 at 1:00 pm (NL), 2:30 pm (SP) and 4:00 pm (NL) – 8th floor of the MAS – Register via:

> The Mexican Altar

As every year, an altar true to Mexican traditions will be presented. It is a way to honor the traditions that inspired us to create the Altar of Antwerp. This altar is put together by the Embassy of Mexico in Belgium.

> The Altar of Antwerp – On view from Oct. 22 to Nov. 12!

Since 2011, this interactive installation has been growing through additions from artists and residents of the city. We highlight the A Playlist and Collection sections:

 A Playlist
With Playlist, we create an interactive collection in which we share music, memories and emotions, to together create the soundtrack of the city. The songs act as tupperware in which we can store memories and emotions. Every time we listen to certain songs, we reconnect with the moment when we cherished those moments and sensations. The most effective time machine that connects us to who we were.

This is a series of videos that take a look at the relationship of Belgian artists of Latin American descent with their pre-Hispanic roots. With and by Gea Zazil, Javier Perugachi, Juan Carlos Bonifaz, Lucila Guichón, Joana Rossi and Gerardo Salinas.